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Holidays in Morocco

Hi there! I’m Rachid Achabou, the co-founder of Holidays in Morocco, the co-founder of Holidays in Morocco along with my close friend and partner, Achraf Ait Chaib. We’re originally from the southeastern region of Morocco, born and raised in the Sahara Desert, making us desert people through and through. We’re a local and independent travel company that has been organizing tours and excursions throughout the years across the whole of Morocco.

Holidays in Morocco was born out of our passion to provide our lovely visitors from all over the world with the very best services during their stay in Morocco – or rather – magical Morocco.

Our tour agency is one-of-a-kind, in that we’re always willing to help and make changes to our itineraries according to our guests’ requests to ensure that they enjoy all that our beautiful country has to offer in their own unique way.

Regardless of where you want to start your tour, we’re always willing to greet you from anywhere you like. That said, we provide all sorts of tours – be that for solo travelers, students, small groups, or luxury seekers.

Our biggest goals are to make our guests’ journey a memorable one, to share the beauty of our wonderful country, and in doing so, to be the best tour operator in Morocco.

All in all, we love our country and take a tremendous amount of pride in the richness that it has to offer for all sorts of visitors – from hikers, climbers, researchers, nature lovers to travel enthusiasts, and more.