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Morocco travel blog

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Landmarks & attractions

Holidays in Morocco travel blog offers all sorts of information regarding the landmarks & tourist attractions in Morocco.


Cities & Sahara Desert

Our Morocco travel blog is a great resource for you to discover and learn about Moroccan cities as well as the Sahara Desert of Merzouga/ Zagora.


Culture & traditions

Holidays in Morocco travel blog is your chance to learn and explore Morocco’s diverse culture, traditions, and customs.

Holidays in Morocco travel blog

For you to have as much fun & feel safe visiting Morocco, Holidayz in Morocco travel blog is here to answer some of the most asked questions before you embark on your journey to this land. We have answered briefly some of the questions many of you often have in mind before deciding to come over to Morocco.

Morocco travel blog: Is Morocco safe for Tourists

Morocco is definitely one of the safest destinations in Africa, and tourists from anywhere in the world can visit Morocco at any time without feeling uncomfortable or afraid of anything bad happening. However, you should just be careful of some scammers and be ready to haggle over the prices of the stuff that you want to buy. Other than that, It is 100% a safe destination for any tourist.

Morocco travel blog: What are Moroccan people like?

Moroccan people are one of the most kind, welcoming and friendly people you could ever meet, and you will notice this once you visit Morocco.

What to do when visiting Morocco?

Holidays in Morocco travel blog is your gate to plan your ideal itinerary in Morocco. Morocco offers plenty of stuff and activities to do when visiting. Each and every region has its own activities; for example, you can enjoy the best nightlife in Marrakesh & Agadir cities.

You can enjoy the calm and serenity of places like the Sahara Desert. There is much stuff to do such as snowboarding during winter & sandboarding in the Sahara Desert. Also, there are places to hike for those obsessed with nature and mountains, etc…

Morocco travel blog: What is the best time to Visit Morocco?

Holidays in Morocco travel blog provides you with everything you need to hear about times to travel to Morocco and which parts. Regarding the best time to visit Morocco, I’d definitely say that would be during spring; that is to say, from late February all the way to May.

Also, one can visit during autumn, as the weather is good in these two seasons of the year, and is advisable to visit at these times unless you want to experience some of the hottest weather in Morocco and want to enjoy swimming at some of Morocco’s beautiful beaches.

What are some of the most popular Moroccan food?

With our Morocco travel blog, you will know all kinds of food in the country. If you ever ask someone about Moroccan, they’ll definitely say IT IS THE BEST. Actually, Moroccan’s one of its kind and has a good reputation among tourists from all over the world, as it is delicious and a must-try. Some of the most famous Moroccan food that you might have heard of before is Tagine, Couscous Pastilla, etc…We can provide you with all you need, just reach us.

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