Morocco’s official languages

Morocco's official languages

Morocco is a country situated in North Africa with multiple official languages and is a country known for its beautiful landscapes, kind people, and rich culture & history. It is characterized by diversity in terms of its climate, culture, and languages.

We are going to briefly talk about the languages spoken in Morocco to help our visitors learn more about Morocco. There’s a variety of languages & dialects that are spoken in Morocco

I. Morocco's official language: ARABIC

Most Moroccans are Amazigh. However, a large number of people here speak what is called Moroccan Arabic, especially in the big cities of Morocco. Also, the Moroccan Arabic language is basically a dialect derived from the Arabic language, yet is different and unique to Moroccans.

Moroccan Arabic is simple, in the sense that it is less complicated compared to Standard Arabic. Without further ado,  Moroccan Arabic is the common Arabic dialect in Morocco

II. Morocco's official language: MOROCCAN TAMAZIGHT / BERBER

Berber or Tamazight is the second official language in Morocco. Historically speaking, Amazigh people are the indigenous people of northern Africa and their native language is Tamazight. Therefore, Tamazight remains a crucial language in Morocco and in North Africa, as it is spoken by a large number of people in Morocco and in North African countries.


1) Morocco’s official language: FRENCH:

While Tamazigh and Arabic are the official and native languages in Morocco. As well there are also some foreign languages that are spoken and are official in Morocco, mainly French.

Also, The French colonized Morocco from the year 1912 to 1956 which is a significant period of time in the history of Morocco. This colonization led to the prevalence of French in Morocco and thus making it an official language, along with Berber and Arabic.


Spain was also involved in the history of colonization. Spain took over some parts of Morocco along with France and left an imprint on Moroccan society. Especially in northern cities where some people speak Spanish or still mix some Spanish with Moroccan Arabic in their speech


Recently, Moroccans started learning the English language, and this has become a new trend in Morocco, as It is seen as prestigious. They started neglecting French, given the fact that they believe that English is the language of the future and opens up new doors for them both at work and school.

Not to mention that, on the whole, Morocco is diverse in many ways and this is what makes it unique and a number-one destination in the northern part of Africa.

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